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Liquid Bat Guano is a dirt improver comprising of bat guano.

This makes it animates root development and soil life. What's more, it advances solid development and blooming and it gives a fantastic fragrance and taste. Liquid Bat Guano is perfect to furnish your dirt with new supplements. When you shower the dirt after preparation, the compost works additional quick.

Liquid Bat guano recharges the dirt with phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, the three supplements that are essential for the wellbeing all things considered.

The high grouping of these components, combined with the moderate discharge system of the natural issue, guarantees quick and long haul benefits for the yields. Nitrogen assists with adequate chlorophyll age while phosphorus aids the advancement of seeds. In the interim, potassium guarantees powerful transportation of supplements to all parts of the plant. The compost additionally gives different chemicals, proteins and amino acids that help plant development amid every one of the stages.

Liquid Bat Guano compost likewise goes about as a fungicide and bug spray that keeps risky creepy crawlies and worms under control. It causes fast deterioration of growths and controls the number of inhabitants in nematodes that are famous for pulverizing the dirt quality, Furthermore, not at all like most manures in the market, bat guano compost is totally unscented. This implies you won't need to manage sharp exhaust when the item is subjected to warm, settling on it the ideal decision for the mid year crops. .

DRY BAT GUANO is a 100% normal manure that contains no unsafe components. It is made of defecation and manure of ocean flying creatures and bats. Consequently, it is an unadulterated normal item. It is a perfect compost for individuals who develop on the earth since it enhances the wellbeing and essentialness of the dirt. Bat excrement does not contain destructive substances and the dirt isn't tainted. It can be utilized as a part of any season. The organisms guarantee that the misuse of the plant is separated into the earth. The underlying foundations of the plants can grow better with bat excrement, with higher yields therefore. Bat excrement is exceptionally wealthy in potassium and phosphorus, which guarantee a to a great degree extravagant blooming of plants.

QUALITY ; The nature of the bat excrement relies upon various elements. Think about the sort of shake in which the surrender is shaped, the encouraging propensities for the bats, the age of the fertilizer and mineralization in the excrement based on long stretches of natural procedures. The fundamental factor that decides the quality, is the eating regimen of a few types of bats living in a surrender. A few bats are veggie lover and eat for the most part natural product. Different bats are flesh eating, their eating regimen comprises for the most part of creepy crawlies and comparable little creatures. Subsequently, for instance, the measure of nitrogen contrasts in the last item. Bat fertilizer can be different hues, yet this does not influence the quality.

EXPANDS THE YIELD OF THE PLANTS ; Every one of these advantages of natural bat guano manure meet up to make a powerful item that significantly builds the yield of the plants. Its high centralization of supplements and minerals, joined with a long maintenance time, permits the use of little amounts of the item for glorious outcomes. The general change of soil quality likewise infers lessened water prerequisite contrasted with that requested by different manures. Along these lines, natural bat guano manure is a financially savvy and productive arrangement that guarantees abundant and strong harvests.

Liquid Bat Guano is commonly used via drippage systems. All liquid bat guano products are heated and hygiened. They do not contain harmful organisms. It is easy to feed for plants and most cheaper. Prices are lower according to dry form.

BAT GUANO PRICE changes upon the form that you select. Dry Bat guano is a little expensive according to liquid bat guano. We provide affordable prices for Bat Guano Fertilizer products from Turkey to world.


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